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The Protector - Sanitizer Prep Kit

Your 1st Defense from Flu, Germs and Viruses

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Be prepared with your sanitizer and clean-up kit when contacting a potential germ/contaminated environment. The Protector™ Sanitizer Prep Kit has all the essential products to protect the 1st responder against infectious diseases, airborne viruses, or flu/pandemic situations.

The kit features Avant Instant Hand Sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of most disease-carrying germs in 15 seconds without using soap and water. This mild cleansing gel is non-irritant, leaves no heavy residue, and has natural glycerin, vitamin A, and vitamin E to hydrate the skin. This environmentally green product is free of dyes and colors and is latex compatible. It also meets FDA protocol for health care professionals.

The Protector™ Sanitizer Prep Kit contains the following:

1 - Avant Instant Hand Sanitizer - (2 fl. oz.)
6 - Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
4 - Nitrile Gloves (non-latex)
2 - Molded Surgical Masks
1 - Bio-Hazard Bag (10" x 12")
1 - 4-pocket Nylon Cordura Style Holster with a Quick Release Velcro Belt Loop for Attachments to Belts, Gurneys, etc.

  • #478 PROTECTOR™ REFILL KIT (Includes everything except holster)

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