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Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™

Product SKU: #526

Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™

EMI's Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™ can move patients quickly with ease. The stretcher's heavy-duty water-resistant vinyl provides strength and durability. Built-in restraints as the chest and legs using 2" webbing hold the patient securely in place. 
The Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™ recommended for evacuations, fires, disasters, active shooter situations, etc. One person can rapidly drag a patient out of hazardous conditions by releasing the two-end straps. The restraints also feature quick-release buckles. Each stretcher comes in its storage case.
Stretcher Size - 71"L x 27"W
Size in Case - 20"L x 11"W (Weighs approximately 3lb)
Load Capacity - 450LBS
  • #526 Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher™ 

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