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S.T.A.T. Tourniquets

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S.T.A.T Tourniquet

S.T.A.T Tourniquet PLUS

The S.T.A.T. Tourniquet PLUS includes your choice of either the black or orange S.T.A.T. Tourniquet in EMI’s deluxe glove case. A convenient way to carry this product.
Case measures 4 1/2"x 3 7/8 " x 3/4"
S.T.A.T. Plus Weighs 6oz.

S.T.A.T Tourniquet (Tourniquet Only)

Quick, Simple, and Effective – the S.T.A.T Tourniquet is becoming the 1st Responder’s choice for mass casualty tourniquets. It is the only tourniquet with a built-in timer mechanism that automatically activates when applied. Other features include one-hand application precision tightening, finger release lever, and pediatric applicable. The S.T.A.T. Tourniquet can also be used for an improvised splint by binding the liner limbs together. Excellent in active shooter, trauma, disaster, and E.R. emergencies.
Size: 1" W x 31" L
Weight: 4 oz

Tourniquet Features:

  • 5 Sec. Application
  • Latex Free
  • Visible Instructions
  • Highly Visible Release Lever
  • Automatic Self-Locking
  • Mechanism
  • Timestrip Timer (No batteries required. Automatically keeps time up to 1 hour)
  • Safety holder lever, so tourniquet doesn’t release in transport.

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