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Quick-Pik / Xtractor Auto Rescue Kit

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Quick - Easy - Practical

Quik-Pik™ is the fastest yet damage-free means of opening residential or office interior doors with the 'key-in-the knob's locks. Also, it is used in fire towers to slip spring latch locks. The practical design makes the Quik-Pik™ work from either side of the door. If the door opens inward, insert the Quik-Pik™ in the back of the molding stop and retract the latch. For doors that open towards you, Quik-Pik™ is slipped in from above or below the latch point and jiggled and pulled to retract the latch. A protective sleeve is added for safety when not in use.

  • #452 QUIK-PIK™

(B) XTRACTOR™ Auto Rescue Kit

Quick - Easy - Practical

Gain quick and easy access to all trapped victims with EMI’s Xtractor™ Auto Rescue Kit. All tools are stored conveniently in our 1st Response Holster. An essential first-on-the-scene kit for all rescue personnel. Length 7" x 31/2" x 3/4". Weighs approximately 9 oz. The Xtractor™ kit includes the following:

  • 1st Response Holster
  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • Trunk Key
  • Quik-Pik™
  • Window Punch
  • #455 TRUNK KEY

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