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Emergency Oral Airway Kit

Product SKU: 669

Emergency Oral Airway Kit

Emergency Oral Airway Kit features six different-sized coloreds (Berman-type) airways. The perforated (vented) midway openings ensure a ventilating channel and permit access to a suction catheter. The strength of the airway acts as a reinforced bite block, and its flexible, smooth, non-brittle finish allows for easy insertion. Order by the kit or individually. Single-use. Latex free.
  • #669 Emergency Oral Airway Kit
  • #670 Infant 40MM Pink (50/pkg)
  • #671 Child 60MM Black (50/pkg)
  • #672 Small 80MM Green (50/pkg)
  • #673 Medium 90MM Yellow (50/pkg)
  • #674 Large 100MM Purple (50/pkg)
  • #675 X-Large 110MM Orange (50/pkg)

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