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E.T.R. Response Bag & Fanny Packs

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E.T.R. Response Bag & Fanny Packs


The E.T.R. Bag features a flap top with Delrin buckles allowing for quick and easy accessibility. It has three main padded compartments, two wing pockets, and dual front pockets. It comes with a rifle sling strap and carrying handle with reinforced steel rings and hooks. The bag has the Star of Life reflective emblem. 
Size: 17" L x 7" W x 10" D.  

(D, E & F) E.T.R. Fanny Packs

The E.T.R. Fanny Packs can carry your protective equipment or basic response supplies. Made with 1000 Denier Cordura, the Fanny Pack has three outside pockets which can hold shears, instruments, penlights, window punch, pager, gloves, etc. It also has two large inside pockets to keep EMS supplies and small rescue equipment organized.
The adjustable nylon webbing can fit 20" to 54" waists and has a quick-release buckle that is ideal for a hands-free response. Fanny packs have reflective trim on the front pocket.
Size: 10"L x 6"H x 5"W.
  • #9310 E.T.R. Response Bag (BK)
  • #9312 E.T.R. Response Bag (O.D.)
  • #9314 E.T.R. Response Bag (Desert Sand)
  • #9316 E.T.R. Fanny Pack (BK)
  • #9318 E.T.R. Fanny Pack (O.D.)
  • #9320 E.T.R. Fanny Pack (Desert Sand)

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